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2009-2010 Write Up

June 8, 2010

2009-2010 Season:

Seven on the line at Queen City Tune Up

After a fantastic fall spent in collaboration with Oberlin College as Kenobi and Onyon, Kenyon set out to endure the grueling Ohio winter in the weight room and the indoor track by warming up from the cold with workouts and basketball. We began the college season with a trip down to Charlotte, NC for Queen City Tune Up, a highly competitive tournament that began with two to three inches of snow on the ground. SERF nonetheless persevered, relishing the opportunity to play tough teams in tough conditions. Shattering expectations and making teams play harder than they want to is what SERF does best, and in pool play on Saturday against NC State, UNC-Wilmington, Delaware, and UPenn that is exactly what we did, upsetting Penn in the second round 9-7. On Sunday morning SERF trounced Davidson 11-4, but lost 11-9 in a heart-breaker to William & Mary. Despite the weather, SERF headed back to Ohio tired and happy, ready to work in the coming weeks to maintain our status as a high caliber team, and ready to raise that caliber even higher.

Russell Wallack ’11 looking for cuts against OU at Sectionals

A stellar week at High Tide in Georgia and going undefeated at the ridiculously windy 75th Annual Fred (Kenyon’s home tournament) provided team bonding experiences, though a spate of sparsely attended practices and the lack of a second highly competitive tournament with the cancellation of Roll Call due to weather allowed for a certain lack of focus to spread throughout the team as Sectionals approached. From the first point of the first game, however, it was obvious that SERF still knew what it was doing on the frisbee field. With the 13-2 trouncing of a clearly tired Kentucky team, SERF took the pool with vigor and headed back to Gambier knowing that in the morning we would face a tenacious Ohio University team that in winning Pool C had itself exceeded expectations. SERF would lose that first game against Ohio 15-7, only to meet arch-rivals Xavier University in the next game, which we won 15-10. Again we found ourselves looking down-field at a tired but hungry Kentucky team, who again found themselves unable to make headway against SERF’s killer defense and machine-like offense, Kenyon winning again 15-4. Once more we were to play OU, who had just lost to Ohio State University, perennial sectional champions, on universe point 14-13. This time, Kenyon took OU to the edge, but they managed to hold us off and won again 13-12. Again, SERF was pleased with how well everyone had played, but took that only as an indicator of how much better everyone could be. So began preparation for Regionals.

After a hard-fought first half (8-7) against Indiana University in the first round of Regionals (observed by Mike Gerics and some other guy), a much smaller than usual SERF lost rhythm and flow and could not connect for another point for the rest of the game. This continued to plague the team well into the next game, again against Kentucky, who undoubtedly sought to avenge their bruised egos, until the authoritative play of Russell Wallack ’11 and Adrian Galvin ’12 ended the contest at 16-14. The rest of the tournament was postponed until the following weekend, when in a glorious upset Kenyon would topple 6th seeded Purdue 12-9. Again Kenyon would meet Ohio, and again we lost (15-6). Having broken seed (originally 12th) to tie with Nationals-contender Ohio State University for 7th, however, provided a telling insight into how far the team had come. This was, after all, only the second year SERF had made Regionals. And now, amidst the stress of exams and the end of the school year, we would prepare physically and mentally for our most exciting tournament yet: the UPA’s Division III College Championships.

Jordan Rhyne '13 gets up against Puget Sound

On the Saturday of the Championships SERF found itself again lacking players, this time several seniors who had stayed at Kenyon for graduation and would be making the trek up to Wisconsin that night (Rob Long and Tom Brown, however, were with us the whole weekend). The day began with SERF seeded 2nd in what was no doubt the most exciting pool of the day, with inspired play from Puget Sound, Princeton, and sectional neighbors Oberlin. After Russell Wallack ’11 and Justin Shipley ’11 connected twice to end a game against Princeton that was closer than it should have been (15-14), and halfway through which Adrian Galvin ’12 was forced to leave on account of food poisoning, SERF found itself losing to an Oberlin team whose level of play was completely unexpected. After having manhandled Oberlin at the Fred, no one anticipated how hard we would have to work to beat them, and it cost us the game (11-15). After settling our nerves and tempers, we entered the third and final game of pool-play against Puget Sound with refocused energy and willful determination.
The paradigm shift in mentality was immediately apparent (and, it should be noted, self-reinforcing), as play after play was made with impossible precision. Nobody gave up steps on defense, cuts came in strong and with purpose, and the hours and hours of training we had put in all year paid off tenfold. The day ended with a triumphant 11-15 win for SERF, which, with Princeton‘s defeat of Oberlin, gave us the pool and the bye through the crossover round. In the Sunday morning quarter-finals against Kalamazoo, SERF was joined by seniors Paul Rutherford, Peter Johnson, Travis Cook, and a newly healthy Adrian Galvin ’12 who helped us make our way into the semi-finals with an authoritative 15-11 win. There we would meet returning champions Carleton-GOP, whose quick, precise throws and poachy, aware defense stymied a hard working SERF for the 15-6 win. GOP would go on to beat Whitman in the finals 15-11.

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