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Fall Recap

October 25, 2011

The fall season thus far has been both busy and successful for SERF, attending three tournaments – Whitesmoke XVI!, a one day round robin at Ohio University, and Ohio State’s Fall Brawl – after hosting the Fall Preview all the way back in the beginning of September. All of our veterans have been astonished with how quickly our freshman and new sophomores have picked up the game, which is no doubt in large part due to the efforts of our new (hopefully permanent) coach, Brady, formerly of Chicago’s Machine. Low numbers at some of those tournaments gave rookies many opportunities to shine, particularly at the OU round robin over October Break, where a 10 man Kenyon squad composed of one senior, one junior, two sophomores, and six freshmen beat two OSU teams and one of two OU teams, all easily twice the size of our own team.

In three weeks SERF will be driving out to Columbia, MO, for Missouri Loves Company, where we will match up against some of the most elite college teams in the country, including Colorado Mamabird, the Wisconsin Hodags, Iowa IHUC, Minnesota Grey Duck, Michigan MagnUM, and everyone’s favorite DIII ballers, Carleton CUT. This is by far the most competitive tournament that SERF has ever attended, and we hope that success there will put us in good standing to attend similar tournaments in the spring. We are very excited.

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