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Do you have try outs?

There are no try outs for SERF. Everyone is welcome to play and learn with us, and we encourage players new to the game to join us. The vast majority of our team did not play ultimate in high school, though many did play other sports. However, while there are no tryouts, during the college season in the spring we will divide into A and B teams. This split will be based upon performance and the level of dedication demonstrated at practices and tournaments in the fall and workouts in the winter, although at any given point a player on the B team may be called up to play with the A team.

When do you play?

We practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

Paul Rutherford '10 gets a D at Sectionals '09 against Xavier University

When is the frisbee season?

Ultimate is played all year-round: the club season is in the fall, the college season in the spring. During the winter months we focus on conditioning, although we practice as often as we can on the indoor track in the athletic center and the turf outside when the temperature allows.

Are you co-ed?

We are no longer a co-ed team; there is, however, a women’s team at Kenyon, the Frisbeets.

What is the culture of the team like?

Since the 2007-2008 season, SERF has become more and more competitive every year; we are very fortunate, however, in that this has not been to the detriment of our ability to have fun. Indeed, many on the team would argue that a key to our success has been our ability to keep smiling and keep laughing. We eat together, practice together, study together, win together, and lose together, from the most skilled former-high school superstar to the gangly freshman picking up a disc for the first time.

Are you really the best looking team on campus?

Yes. Our closest competition is men’s soccer.

What about rugby?


How does one get in touch with you?

You can send an email to or “like” us on Facebook.

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