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2010-2011: SERF wins the first ever DIII Ohio Conference tournament beating Xavier in the finals 15-10. Finishes 6th at the newly formed DI Ohio Valley Regional Tournament. Season writeup here.

2009-2010: SERF takes third at Sectionals, tied for 7th at Great Lakes Regionals, and third at DIII Nationals. Read the season writeup here.

SERF rocking the sunshine jerseys at the 2010 DIII Nationals

2008-2009: SERF makes Regionals for the first time. This would also be the last year that SERF played as a coed team. Rookies from this era owe an enormous debt to Martha Gregory ’10, Hazel Crowley ’10, and Megan Kirkendall ’10, who went on to found the next year the Frisbeets, Kenyon’s women’s team, for their leadership and coaching.

Roll Call 2009

2007-2008: SERF misses Regionals by a single bid.

2006-2007: Apparently nothing important happened this year.

2005-2006: SERF wins its first game at Sectionals.

Ancient History:

Founded by Perry Degener ’79 during his sophomore year in 1977, the team drew primarily upon those, in Degener’s words, “liberal Frisbee types… desperately crazed that [they] had missed the 60s.” A large number of the team were PEEPs, an experimental, co-ed Greek society. Despite the pseudo-hippie origins it shared with other frisbee teams of the era, Degener constantly strove to raise the level of ultimate awareness on campus and competition on the team, holding an ironic mid-season bonfire and pep rally on Peirce Lawn, an exhibition match during halftime at a football game, and driving further and further away for higher level games. Degener, an avid student of Russian history, dubbed himself the frisbee “Czar,” a title which he passed on to Robb Günter-More ’80 when Degener graduated. Brad Remick succeeded him in 1983, who was in turn followed by Ernie Bond. John Platt held the position during his junior and senior years (1986-1987). The title has since been lost.

September 2001, courtesy of Josh Briggeman '05

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  1. O'Neill Cushman permalink
    January 8, 2011 4:31 pm

    In addition to almost making Regionals in 07-08 SERF went on a 27 game winning streak.

  2. John Platt permalink
    September 2, 2011 3:48 am

    The Czar when I arrived in 83 was Brad Remick, and Ernie Bond may have followed him (hazy daze). I was Czar my junior and senior year, 86 and 87. I had forgotten for a while that Czar was my title…..thanks for the reminder.


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